Play-Doh Ultimate Color Collection 65-Pack of Modeling Compound for

Featuring Play-Doh Sapphire Sparkle: 5 Cans Of Super Sparkly Play-Doh Blue Sapphire Compound Add Extra Shimmer And Shine To Kids’ Creations.
Original Play-Doh Quality: A Favorite Since 1956, Play-Doh Modeling Compound Is Made Primarily With Wheat, Water, And Salt, And Goes Through Vigorous Testing So It’S Always High Quality And Super Fun.
So Many Ways To Share: These Small Play-Doh Cans Are Perfect For Sharing – Birthday Party Favors, Arts And Crafts Activities, Or A Great Gift For Kids 3 And Up Who Love To Get Creative With Modeling Clay.
65 Small 1-Ounce Cans: These 1-Ounce Fun Size Play-Doh Cans Are See-Through To Show Off The Fun Colors Inside, And Each Can Is Resealable For Storage To Play Again Next Time.


IMAGINE A WORLD OF PLAY-DOH COLOR: This 65-pack of Play-Doh modeling compound has a wild variety of 60 different colors with classic rainbow colors, Sparkle, Confetti, and Color Burst compounds65 SMALL 1-OUNCE CANS: These 1-ounce fun size Play-Doh cans are see-through to show off the fun colors inside, and each can is resealable for storage to play again next timeFEATURING PLAY-DOH SAPPHIRE SPARKLE: 5 cans of super sparkly Play-Doh blue sapphire compound add extra shimmer and shine to kids’ creationsSO MANY WAYS TO SHARE: These small Play-Doh cans are perfect for sharing – birthday party favors, arts and crafts activities, or a great gift for kids 3 and up who love to get creative with modeling clayORIGINAL PLAY-DOH QUALITY: A favorite since 1956, Play-Doh modeling compound is made primarily with wheat, water, and salt, and goes through vigorous testing so it s always high quality and super fun

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