PlaySand Quikrete Sandbox Play Sand Outdoor Kids Filtered for Sand

You Can’T Just Pick Any Sand To Go Into Your Sandbox! You Need To Make Sure It’S Clean, Safe, And Healthy For Your Little Ones To Roll Around In..
The Play Sand Is Subjected To Vigorous Blasting From Pressurized Water. In Doing This, The Sand Grains Are Made Smaller, And Any Sharper Grains Are Rounded To Ensure They Are Safe And Won’T Cause Any Cuts Or Scratches To Little Bodies..
For Sand To Pass As Play Sand, It Must Go Through A Number Of Cleaning Processes That Result In It Being Fine And Smooth To Touch..
Unfortunately, Not All Of Us Have A Beach Nearby, So Sandboxes Are Great For Bringing The Beach Home For The Kids To Play With Instead..


This 50 lb. Play Sand is a specially graded washed sand that has been dried and screened. This play sand is ideal for children’s sand boxes, molding and building. The initial cleaning process removes any unwanted debris and particles from the sand. Plus, it will kill and remove any potentially harmful bacteria found in the sand.Unfortunately, not all of us have a beach nearby, so sandboxes are great for bringing the beach home for the kids to play with instead.You can t just pick any sand to go into your sandbox! You need to make sure it s clean, safe, and healthy for your little ones to roll around in.For sand to pass as play sand, it must go through a number of cleaning processes that result in it being fine and smooth to touch.The play sand is subjected to vigorous blasting from pressurized water. In doing this, the sand grains are made smaller, and any sharper grains are rounded to ensure they are safe and won t cause any cuts or scratches to little bodies.

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