Playskool Giraffalaff Tumble Top Spinning and Popping Cause and Effe

Silliness For Their Senses: Bright Colors, A Friendly-Faced Toy Giraffe, Fun Popping Sounds, And Silly Spinning Action Engages Babies And Toddlers In Sensory Play While Having Fun.
Easy Peasy Storage: The Classic, Kid-Friendly Design Is Sturdy, Compact, And Contained. There Are No Pieces To Chase Around The Play-Rug, And It Stores Away Easily For The Next Poppin’ Play Session.
Pop-Tastic Play On Repeat: With This Popping Toy For 1 Year Olds, Repeating The Press, Pop, Spin, Tumble Sequence Helps Kids Practice Nifty Skills Like The Exploration Of Cause And Effect.


SPINNING FUN FOR LITTLE ONES: Wait ’til you see your little one’s face when they press the giraffe’s head. Surprise. See the colorful balls pop and swirl. They did it.POP-TASTIC PLAY ON REPEAT: With this popping toy for 1 year olds, repeating the press, pop, spin, tumble sequence helps kids practice nifty skills like the exploration of cause and effectSILLINESS FOR THEIR SENSES: Bright colors, a friendly-faced toy giraffe, fun popping sounds, and silly spinning action engages babies and toddlers in sensory play while having funEASY PEASY STORAGE: The classic, kid-friendly design is sturdy, compact, and contained. There are no pieces to chase around the play-rug, and it stores away easily for the next poppin play session

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