Playz 50 Mini Ball Pit Balls – Princess Edition – Soft, Plastic Mini

7 Pretty Colors – You Will Get 7 Beautiful Colors To Keep The Kids Captivated While Rolling Around Playing Kiddie Games. Purple, Pink, White, Grey, Rose, Turquoise, Lavender.
Trust Our Playz Promise – Do Your Research! You Know The Quality You Will Get When Purchasing A Playz Product. If You Are Unhappy With Your Purchase, Contact Us At Anytime For A Refund..
Built To Last – Our Advanced Sealing And Air Filling Technology Provides A Crush-Proof Long Lasting Plastic Ball That Can Withstand Over 150Lb Of Weight. Don’t Believe Us? Try Stepping On It!.
Smooth Edges & Germ Free Design – Playz Is The Only Brand Of Pit Balls That Are Turbo Polished Around The Edges Of The Balls For A Clean, Soft Finish So Your Child’s Delicate Skin Doesn’t Get Cut. When The Balls Get Dirty, Playz Innovative Design Allows You To Simply Toss Them In The Washer On The Cold Setting With A Non-Bleach Detergent To Rid Them Of Any Harmful Bacteria..


BABY APPROVED – Value Pack of 50 colorful mini play balls for your children’s ball pit, play tent, crawl tunnel, playhouse, playpen, bounce house, swimming pool, or bathtub. Phthalate, BPA, & Lead Free with non-PVC plastic. 2.1″ diameter toy balls are super safe, super soft, & super fun!SMOOTH EDGES & GERM FREE DESIGN – Playz is the only brand of pit balls that are turbo polished around the edges of the balls for a clean, soft finish so your child’s delicate skin doesn’t get cut. When the balls get dirty, Playz innovative design allows you to simply toss them in the washer on the COLD setting with a non-bleach detergent to rid them of any harmful bacteria.7 PRETTY COLORS – You will get 7 beautiful colors to keep the kids captivated while rolling around playing kiddie games. Purple, Pink, White, Grey, Rose, Turquoise, LavenderBUILT TO LAST – Our advanced sealing and air filling technology provides a Crush-Proof long lasting plastic ball that can withstand over 150lb of weight. Don’t believe us? Try stepping on it!TRUST OUR PLAYZ PROMISE – Do your research! You know the quality you will get when purchasing a Playz product. If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us at anytime for a refund.

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