Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer Box

45 Pokémon Tcg Energy Cards.
A Collector’s Box To Hold Everything, With 4 Dividers To Keep It Organized.
1 Competition-Legal Coin-Flip Die.
2 Acrylic Condition Markers.
A Pokémon Tcg Rulebook.
6 Damage-Counter Dice.
A Player’s Guide To The Sword & Shield—Brilliant Stars Expansion.
1 Acrylic Vstar Marker.
65 Card Sleeves Featuring Arceus.


8 Pok mon TCG: Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars booster packs65 card sleeves featuring Arceus45 Pok mon TCG Energy cardsA player’s guide to the Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars expansionA Pok mon TCG rulebook6 damage-counter dice1 competition-legal coin-flip die2 acrylic condition markers1 acrylic VSTAR markerA collector’s box to hold everything, with 4 dividers to keep it organized

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