Polly Pocket Tropicool Pineapple Wearable Purse Compact with 8 Fun F

Compact Has A Strap So Kids Can Wear It As A Purse Or You Can Transform It Into A Fanny Pack With A Belt!.
Polly Stick Technology Lets You Stick The Dolls Anywhere On The Purse Compact. Just Place The Sticker From The Sticker Sheet (Included) Anywhere And The Dolls Will Stick To The Sticker..
Includes Polly Pocket Tropicool Pineapple Purse Compact, Micro Polly And Lila Dolls, 2 Accessories And Sticker Sheet For Ages 4 And Up.
With Fun Activities And Accessories, Polly And Lila Dolls Are Set For The Ultimate Safari Adventure!.
Discover And Explore These Fun Activities And Reveals: The Treehouse Opens To Find A Swinging Hammock; Zipline For Fast Fun; Hang Out With The Monkey; Find Hidden Animals Like A Lion In A Cave And Pop-Up Meerkats And Hippo; Eat Yummy Food At The Rainforest Cafe And More!.


This adorable Tropicool Pineapple purse compact opens to an exciting safari adventure with micro Polly and Lila dolls, a monkey figure and boat that fits 2 dolls.Discover and explore these fun activities and reveals: the treehouse opens to find a swinging hammock; zipline for fast fun; hang out with the monkey; find hidden animals like a lion in a cave and pop-up meerkats and hippo; eat yummy food at the rainforest cafe and more!Compact has a strap so kids can wear it as a purse or you can transform it into a fanny pack with a belt!With fun activities and accessories, Polly and Lila dolls are set for the ultimate safari adventure!Polly Stick technology lets you stick the dolls anywhere on the purse compact. Just place the sticker from the sticker sheet (included) anywhere and the dolls will stick to the sticker.Includes Polly Pocket Tropicool Pineapple purse compact, micro Polly and Lila dolls, 2 accessories and sticker sheet For ages 4 and up

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