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💃 Princess Dress Up Shoes Fit Most Girls Aged 3-6 Years Old: Shoes Length 7.3 In, Shoes Width 2.6 In, Heel Height 2 In, Perfect Suit For Most Girls Aged 3-6 Years Old. Every Little Girl Loves To Dress Up, Especially Dress Up To Be A Princess. Match These Shoes And Jewelry Accessories Girls Could Dress Up Princess Look With Imagination As They Like..
💯 Improve And Develop Kid’s Abilities: 4 Different Color Shoes And Princess Jewelry Accessories Can Inspire Girls Play Different Roles. All The Dress Up Will Helpful In Cultivating Children’s Fashion Sense, And Improve Their Self-Confidence, Creativity, Imagination And Interpersonal Skills..
🎁 Love Her And Give Her The Best Childhood Gift: Every Girl Has A Princess Dream, Our Princess Dress Up Shoe Set Can Easy Help Your Girl Fulfill The Wish. Our Princess Dress Up Shoes Set Is A Great Gift For Princess Cosplay, Girls Dressing Up, Pretend Play, Role-Play , Girls Party, Dress Up Party, Birthday Party And Christmas Etc..
👑 High Quality And Safety : Girls Princess Dress Up Shoes Are Made Of Prime Abs Plastic, The Soft Feathers On The Upper Match The Heart-Shaped Crystal Are The Latest And Most Fashionable New Design. Non-Slip Gel On The Sole To Sure Girls Every Step Safety And Easy To Move..


Girls princess dress up shoes set: girls princess role play shoes and jewelry boutique set include 4 different color pairs of shoes, 1 Crown, 2 Earrings, 1 Necklace, 1 Rings, 1 Handbag, 1 pair of gloves and a beautiful quality storage box. The pink box packing with carry handle that easy for girls carry and store neatly. High quality and safety : girls princess dress up shoes are made of prime ABS plastic, the soft feathers on the upper match the heart-shaped crystal are the latest and most fashionable new design. Non-slip gel on the sole to sure girls every step safety and easy to move. Princess dress up shoes fit most girls aged 3-6 years old: Shoes length 7.3 in, shoes width 2.6 in, heel height 2 in, perfect suit for most girls aged 3-6 years old. Every little girl loves to dress up, especially dress up to be a princess. Match these shoes and jewelry accessories girls could dress up princess look with imagination as they like. Love her and give her the best childhood gift: Every girl has a princess dream, our princess dress up shoe set can easy help your girl fulfill the wish. Our princess dress up shoes set is a great gift for princess cosplay, girls dressing up, pretend play, role-play , girls party, dress up party, birthday party and Christmas etc. Improve and develop kid’s abilities: 4 different color shoes and princess jewelry accessories can inspire girls play different roles. All the dress up will helpful in cultivating children’s fashion sense, and improve their self-confidence, creativity, imagination and interpersonal skills.

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