Promora Binoculars for Kids, Camping Set for Kids with Magnifying Gl

Adjustable Features: These Are Real Binoculars, Not Just Toys; Featuring Diopter Setting, Adjustable Central Axis, And Central Focusing Wheel To Ensure High Resolution Image Sharpness; Let Kids Learn To Operate And Enjoy Actual Binoculars.
Real Camping Set: Take These Binoculars For Boys And Girls When Hiking In The Forest, Camping In The Mountains, On Holidays By The Lake, , Or Simply Birdwatching At The Park. It Also Makes A Great Easter Basket Stuffer.
Adventure Accessories: These Exciting Binoculars Come With A Real Compass And Magnifying Glass To Encourage Small Kids To Have Adventures; Includes A Practical Cloth Bag For Storage, A Microfiber Cloth To Clean The Glasses, And A Neck Strap To Secure The Binoculars.
Powerful Magnification: The 8X Magnification Of These Binoculars Lets Children See The Most Beautiful Landscapes And Amazing Wildlife In Breathtaking Detail; Soft Eyecups Provide A Safe Experience And Face Protection.


BINOCULARS FOR CHILDREN: Awaken the curiosity of your little adventurer with these fun binoculars for kids from 4-8 years old; Rubber coating design perfectly fits in the hands of young children while protecting the toy from scratches and dampening fallsPOWERFUL MAGNIFICATION: The 8X magnification of these binoculars lets children see the most beautiful landscapes and amazing wildlife in breathtaking detail; Soft eyecups provide a safe experience and face protectionADJUSTABLE FEATURES: These are real binoculars, not just toys; Featuring diopter setting, adjustable central axis, and central focusing wheel to ensure high resolution image sharpness; Let kids learn to operate and enjoy actual binocularsADVENTURE ACCESSORIES: These exciting binoculars come with a real compass and magnifying glass to encourage small kids to have adventures; Includes a practical cloth bag for storage, a microfiber cloth to clean the glasses, and a neck strap to secure the binocularsREAL CAMPING SET: Take these binoculars for boys and girls when hiking in the forest, camping in the mountains, on holidays by the lake, , or simply birdwatching at the park. It also makes a great easter basket stuffer

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· Rookie Mistake #2 – Not Planning Your RV Trip. First of all, definitely plan your trip. Just jumping into your RV and driving can leave you with no place to stay, or worse, shave the air conditioner off of your roof. These sound extreme, but they happen – often.

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· North Creek BLM is one of the closest, and by far the nicest, free camping site to Zion National Park. Unlike most of the other sites mentioned, this one is popular with tent campers. There was a mix of 5th wheels, travel trailers, vans and tents at North Creek. Zion National Park is the area’s main attraction.

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· A magnifying glass will be useful to see and identify the wondrous detailed and intricate additions hidden everywhere. A word-o-matic that knows every word in the whole world has been added. It also spits out incomprehensible words which cause queries and confusion. A too-hard basket, a baked-bean geyser and an Olde Worlde Historical Village as …

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· Mears State Park is a favorite among all the campgrounds on Lake Michigan. The beach is a 2- to 5-minute walk from any site in the park. Plus, you can see the lake from some of the sites on the campground’s south end. What’s more, the water at this park is some of the clearest blue water in Lake Michigan.

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· Costco parking lots are not campgrounds. You shouldn’t spread out and set up your parking spot like a campsite. Instead, aim to keep your footprint small. Keep your slides in, if possible. And keep your RV gear packed away. Don’t set up grills, camping chairs, or anything else you might typically put out at your campsite.

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