Realtree Monster Bucks XXV – Deer, Elk, Big Game, Hunting Video DVD

Michael Waddell Arrows A Big Georgia Buck On His Own Farm..
David Blanton Takes A 180″ Monster Buck With His Cva Muzzleloader..
Krysten Mcdaniel Wraps A Kansas Tag Around A Beast Of A Buck..
Phillip Culpepper Takes A Brute Of A Whitetail In Iowa..


Skyler Wirsig of Heartland Bowhunter arrows one of the largest 8 pointers EVER!Phillip Culpepper takes a brute of a whitetail in Iowa.Michael Waddell arrows a big Georgia buck on his own farm.Krysten McDaniel wraps a Kansas tag around a beast of a buck.David Blanton takes a 180 monster buck with his CVA muzzleloader.

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