REEHUT Heavy Duty Swing Seat 2 Pack- Swing Set Accessories Swing Sea

Fully Assembled – Connected 66″ Chains With 30″ Yellow Plastisol Coating Specifically Designed Not To Pinch Little Fingers.
Durable Design:This Swing Seat Was Crafted With Heavy Duty Parts And Material To Ensure Hours Of Fun And Years Of Play. The Heavy Duty Swing Seat Is Rated To Hold Up To 250 Pounds.
Intended Use: This Product Was Designed For Residential Use Only And Should Not Be Used In A Commercial Environment. Please Note; Instructions Included With The Product State Incorrect Weight Limits This Product Is Rated For 250 Pounds.
Durable Construction – High-Quality Thick And Durable Material Guarantee Your Safety When It Is Hanging.


SWING SEAT REPLACEMENT: Double pack. The Heavy Duty Swing was designed to be a swing set accessory or replacement swing seatDurable Construction – High-Quality thick and durable Material Guarantee Your Safety when it is hangingFully assembled – Connected 66 chains with 30 yellow plastisol coating specifically designed not to pinch little fingersINTENDED USE: This product was designed for residential use only and should not be used in a commercial environment. Please note; instructions included with the product state incorrect weight limits this product is rated for 250 poundsDURABLE DESIGN:this swing seat was crafted with heavy duty parts and material to ensure hours of fun and years of play. The Heavy Duty Swing Seat is rated to hold up to 250 pounds

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