RERIVER Leatherette Dice Cup with Lid Includes 6 Dices, Velvet Inter

❤️Sturdy Dice Cup-Leather Exterior With Felt- Lined Interior.It Is 3 1/2 Inches Deep And About 3.1 Inches Across.It Has Straight Walls Rather Than A Tapered Out Style.
❤️Enjoy The Game,Not Suffer The Noise-Felt Lining Muffles The Noise When Shaking The Dice,Which Will Not Hurt Your Ears Or Disturb Other Family Members.
❤️Handy Poppered Compartment-Storage Compartment Is 2Cm Deep And 8Cm Diam. Will Easily Store 16Mm Dice..
❤️Set Of 6 Dices Per Cup-Extra Set Of Dice Is Handy To Play Games That Require Dices.


FOR MOST DICE GAMES-Great for lots of games, like Farkle,Yahtzee,etc.any number of dice games.Perfect item for playing at home with your family, living up party.Great choice for entertainment at a pub or local bar. SET of 6 DICES PER CUP-Extra set of dice is handy to play games that require dices STURDY DICE CUP-Leather exterior with felt- lined interior.It is 3 1/2 inches deep and about 3.1 inches across.It has straight walls rather than a tapered out style HANDY POPPERED COMPARTMENT-Storage compartment is 2cm deep and 8cm diam. will easily store 16mm dice. ENJOY THE GAME,NOT SUFFER THE NOISE-Felt Lining muffles the noise when shaking the dice,which will not hurt your ears or disturb other family members

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