Sensory Balls for Kids – Textured Multi Ball Set for Babies & Toddle

🪐 Safe & Easy To Clean. Made Of Evade Glue And Food-Grade Paint. Each Sensory Ball Is Non-Toxic And Is Perfectly Sized For Baby’s Little Hands Making It The Safest Choice For Babies And For Toddlers. It Is Also Easy To Clean By Just Wiping Wet Cloth, Wet Wipes At Cleaning With Soap & Water..
🪐 A Beautiful Present. These Soft Balls & Stacking Cups Can Be A Perfect And Affordable Gift For Toddlers Boys And Girls On Any Occasions Or A Party Favor. If In Any Way You Are Not Satisfied With Our Sensory Toy Set, We Offer A Refund Or Replacement Within 90-Day Period. Just Get In Touch With Our Efficient Customer Service Team..
🪐 Excellent Stress Reliever. These Stress-Relief Balls Can Help Promote A Sense Of Calm, Reduce Stress, Anxiety, And Boredom. These Sensory Toys Can Also Increase Focus And Attention For Kids With Anxiety..
🪐 Soft, Lightweight & Durable. These Brightly Colored Textured Balls And Stacking Cups Are Lightweight, Durable And Long Lasting. Giving These Easy To Grasp And Hold Baby Sensory Balls And Colorful Stacking Cups Is A Very Effective Way To Develop Baby’s Tactile Senses..


PERFECT FOR TACTILE AND SENSORY STIMULATION. These sensory toys have different textures for tactile exploration and sensory development. Their bright colors are ideal for visual stimulation and can spark your kid s imagination. SOFT, LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE. These brightly colored textured balls and stacking cups are lightweight, durable and long lasting. Giving these easy to grasp and hold baby sensory balls and colorful stacking cups is a very effective way to develop baby’s tactile senses. SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN. Made of Evade glue and food-grade paint. Each sensory ball is non-toxic and is perfectly sized for baby’s little hands making it the safest choice for babies and for toddlers. It is also easy to clean by just wiping wet cloth, wet wipes at cleaning with soap & water. EXCELLENT STRESS RELIEVER. These stress-relief balls can help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, anxiety, and boredom. These sensory toys can also increase focus and attention for kids with anxiety. A BEAUTIFUL PRESENT. These soft balls & stacking cups can be a perfect and affordable gift for toddlers boys and girls on any occasions or a party favor. If in any way you are not satisfied with our Sensory Toy Set, we offer a refund or replacement within 90-day period. Just get in touch with our efficient customer service team.

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