Shumee Wooden Spin Tops (3 Pcs) – Colorful Organic Spinning Toy for

Ensures Hours Of Old-Fashioned Fun – This Is The Perfect Toy For Parents And Children To Enjoy Together And Spend Some Quality Time..
Why Choose Us – Shumee Toys Are Handcrafted Keeping Kids’ Overall Development In Mind. We Create Innovative Toys So That Kids Can Learn As They Play..
Handcrafted With Care – The Tops Are Handcrafted By Artisans With Organic Wood, And Are Certified By Astm International..
Ideal For Kids Over 3 Years – The Tops Are Suitable For Kids Over 3 As They Are Easy To Play With And Just Need A Twirl. Size: 5 Cm X 6.5 Cm..


GREAT FOR SENSORY PLAY – Shumee’s spinning tops aid in the cognitive development of kids and boost their motor and fidgeting skills and hand-eye coordination.IDEAL FOR KIDS OVER 3 YEARS – The tops are suitable for kids over 3 as they are easy to play with and just need a twirl. Size: 5 cm x 6.5 cm.ENSURES HOURS OF OLD-FASHIONED FUN – This is the perfect toy for parents and children to enjoy together and spend some quality time.HANDCRAFTED WITH CARE – The tops are handcrafted by artisans with organic wood, and are certified by ASTM International.WHY CHOOSE US – Shumee toys are handcrafted keeping kids’ overall development in mind. We create innovative toys so that kids can learn as they play.

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