Sorbus Saucer Tree Swing 40 Inch in Multi-Color Rainbow Kids Indoo

Comfy Hanging Seat — Mat Seat Provides Super Comfy And Sturdy Ride — Holds Up To 700 Lbs For Safe Riding Experience — Provides Superior Strength While Keeping Swing In Place.
Sturdy Design & Padded Frame — Seat Made Of Heavy-Duty (Pp) Polypropylene And Oxford Fabric In Black — Multi-Color Rainbow Frame, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple — Rope Made Of Pe (Polyethylene) — Steel Tube Frame Padded With Nbr Foam (Approx. 1.6” Thick) — Includes Saucer Swing, Flags, Hardware, And Instructions — Adult Supervision And Assembly Required — Recommended For Children 3+ Years — Maximum Weight Is 700 Pounds — Spot Clean — Maximum Tilt Is 45° — Measures Approx 40” D X 63” H.
Quick & Easy Assembly — Hangs From 2 Points For Swinging — Top Of Ropes Have Steel Rings Which Connect To Adjustable Suspension Rope Up To 63” Long From Seat To Connection Point — Hangs Almost Anywhere Whether Mounted From Tree, Swing Set, Or Beam In The House — Designed For Secure Installation.
For Indoor/Outdoor Fun — Great For Backyards, Playgrounds, Indoor Play Areas, Etc — Low Grade Weatherproof — Can Be Used As Chair Swing For Tree, Hammock Swing For Swingset, Nest Swing Chair, Swings For Playsets — Fun Way To Play, Lounge, And Enjoy Imaginative Play With Friends And Family — Gentle Swing Movement Encourages Balance, Supports Sensory Needs, Hyperactivity, And More — Makes A Great Gift — Perfect For Parties And Play Dates.


40 SAUCER MAT SWING ((BLACK/MULTI-COLOR) Provides a fun hang out spot for kids (and adults) to safely swing into action for playtime or relaxation Fits 2-3 kidsFOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR FUN Great for backyards, playgrounds, indoor play areas, etc Low grade weatherproof Can be used as chair swing for tree, hammock swing for swingset, nest swing chair, swings for playsets Fun way to play, lounge, and enjoy imaginative play with friends and family Gentle swing movement encourages balance, supports sensory needs, hyperactivity, and more Makes a great gift Perfect for parties and play datesCOMFY HANGING SEAT Mat seat provides super comfy and sturdy ride Holds up to 700 lbs for safe riding experience Provides superior strength while keeping swing in placeQUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY Hangs from 2 points for swinging Top of ropes have steel rings which connect to adjustable suspension rope up to 63 long from seat to connection point Hangs almost anywhere whether mounted from tree, swing set, or beam in the house Designed for secure installationSTURDY DESIGN & PADDED FRAME Seat made of heavy-duty (PP) polypropylene and oxford fabric in black Multi-color rainbow frame, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple Rope made of PE (Polyethylene) Steel tube frame padded with NBR foam (approx. 1.6 thick) Includes saucer swing, flags, hardware, and instructions Adult supervision and assembly required Recommended for children 3+ years Maximum weight is 700 pounds Spot clean Maximum Tilt is 45 Measures approx 40 D x 63 H

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