Sorry! Game

Nostalgic Tabletop Gameplay Meets Interactive Digital Content For An Immersive Gaming Experience.
Includes Game Board, 12 Sorry Pawns, 44 Cards, And Instructions.
Hasbro Gaming Imagines And Produces Games That Are Perfect For Every Age, Taste, And Event.
Party It Up, And Surprise Guests At Your Next Event With Laugh Out Loud Game From Hasbro Gaming.


Ditch the TV, and re ignite family night with the get together amusement of a Hasbro gameParty it up, and surprise guests at your next event with laugh out loud game from Hasbro gamingNostalgic tabletop gameplay meets interactive digital content for an immersive gaming experienceHasbro gaming imagines and produces games that are perfect for every age, taste, and eventIncludes game board, 12 Sorry Pawns, 44 cards, and instructions

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