Spikeball Game Set – Played Outdoors, Indoors, Lawn, Yard, Beach, Ta

Play Anywhere – Spikeball Is Perfect For The Backyard, The Beach, The Park, The Gym, And Even Your Living Room (If You’re Careful Enough)..
All You Need To Play Is Included – The Standard Kit Comes With The Spikeball Set, One Ball, Netting, And A Carrying Bag For Easy Transport!.
Ships In A Spikeball Branded Box! Choose “Ship In Amazon Packaging” At Checkout If It Is A Surprise!.
Easy To Learn For Instant Fun – Yard Game Experts And Newcomers Alike Can Pick Up Spikeball Quickly As It Is Easy To Learn But Difficult To Master. Like Volleyball, Teams Alternate Possessions And Try To Spike The Ball Away From Each Other! Rule Book Included!.


IF VOLLEYBALL AND FOURSQUARE HAD A BABY – Spikeball is a fun, active, easy-to-learn game that can be played anywhere by anyone. The Spikeball Standard Kit is all you need for a good time.EASY TO LEARN FOR INSTANT FUN – Yard game experts and newcomers alike can pick up Spikeball quickly as it is easy to learn but difficult to master. Like volleyball, teams alternate possessions and try to spike the ball away from each other! Rule book included!PLAY ANYWHERE – Spikeball is perfect for the backyard, the beach, the park, the gym, and even your living room (if you’re careful enough).SHIPS IN A SPIKEBALL BRANDED BOX! Choose Ship in Amazon Packaging at Checkout if it is a surprise!ALL YOU NEED TO PLAY IS INCLUDED – The Standard Kit comes with the Spikeball set, one ball, netting, and a carrying bag for easy transport!

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· As long as you are consistent, You can do 4 or 6 rows, etc. of each color. Work in a solid ,now and again, if you like, 2 rows at a time. By dividing each hank in half as you wind them ( food scale comes in handy)you can do both fronts the same time and both sleeves at the same time. Have fun, whatever you do.

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· Every day, on a sandy beach or a rocky foreshore, fascinating evidence of Britain’s history appears and disappears as the tide rolls in and rolls back out again. In this series, Dr Tori Herridge explores the archaeology of the island’s coastline, and the historical remains we see when the tide goes out. Just a bit of all-round niceness.

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