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Travel Game: The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book Is 5 ½” Wide And 9 ” Tall With A Binding That’s Approximately ½” Thick. It’s A Travel Game, Sketchbook That Will Fit In Your Purse Or Glove Compartment..
What’s Included: The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book Comes Full Of 22 Different Activities. A Dry-Erase Pen Is Also Included And It Fits Perfectly In The Spiral Binding. Also Makes A Great Birthday Idea..
Educational Games: Learning Is Much More Fun With Educational Games. This Activity Book Is Not Only Great For Keeping Your Kids Occupied, But It Stimulates Their Brain Too. For Age 3 And Older..
Creative Design: This Quiet Book Is Made Of Durable, Glossy Cardstock And A Strong Spiral Binding. It’s Filled With Dry-Erase Pages So Boys & Girls Can Reuse This Activity Book Over And Over..


OBJECTIVE: The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book will keep your children entertained and their mind stimulated with its games, puzzles, do-it-yourself designs and other popular activities.CREATIVE DESIGN: This quiet book is made of durable, glossy cardstock and a strong spiral binding. It’s filled with dry-erase pages so boys & girls can reuse this activity book over and over.TRAVEL GAME: The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book is 5 wide and 9 tall with a binding that’s approximately thick. It’s a travel game, sketchbook that will fit in your purse or glove compartment.EDUCATIONAL GAMES: Learning is much more fun with educational games. This Activity Book is not only great for keeping your kids occupied, but it stimulates their brain too. For age 3 and older.WHAT’S INCLUDED: The Mom, I’m Bored Activity Book comes full of 22 different activities. A dry-erase pen is also included and it fits perfectly in the spiral binding. Also makes a great birthday idea.

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