Step2 Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table | Kids Purple Water Play T

Use The Flipper To Launch The Unicorn Toys Back Into The Pond!.
In The Box: Step2 Water Table And 12-Piece Accessory Set Including 1 Large Bucket, 1 Cup, 1 Cattail Scoop, 1 Flipper, 1 Spinner, 4 Put-And-Place Maze Pieces, And 3 Toy Unicorn Accessories.
Note : User Manual Pages 2-3 Detail Proper Leg Assembly While Pages 3 And 4 Illustrate Drain Plug Assembly And Installation.
When Playtime Is Up, Use The Drain Plug For Quick Clean-Up!.
Rearrange The Put-And-Place Maze Pieces Again And Again To Create New Waterfalls For Fun Cause And Effect Stem Play!.


Use the large bucket to scoop water from the pond into the tray above. Listen as the rain shower effect makes it sound like real rainfall!Rearrange the put-and-place maze pieces again and again to create new waterfalls for fun cause and effect STEM play!Use the flipper to launch the unicorn toys back into the pond!When playtime is up, use the drain plug for quick clean-up!In the box: Step2 water table and 12-piece accessory set including 1 large bucket, 1 cup, 1 cattail scoop, 1 flipper, 1 spinner, 4 put-and-place maze pieces, and 3 toy unicorn accessoriesNote : User manual Pages 2-3 detail proper leg assembly while pages 3 and 4 illustrate drain plug assembly and installation

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· Using Toys for Cognitive Development. Toys are a perfect medium for exploration and self-explanation. Let’s take the idea of self-explanation into the context of a child who’s playing with one of Step2’s water tables. With these sensory tables, opportunities to engage in cause-and-effect play are plentiful.

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