Stoie’s 19 pcs Musical Instruments Set for Toddler and Preschool Kid

Family Time – Take The Time Your Family Spends Together To The Next Level With These Musical Toys. Your Child, No Matter How Many Years Old (This Toy Set Is Great For Preschool Kids And Up), Will Love Family Band Time As You All Create Wonderful Music. At Stoie’s We Are Dedicated To Creating High Quality Toys That Improve Family Time And Inspire Family Members. You’Ll Be Amazed At The Smiles And Laughs You Create As You All Play Music Together..
Free Storage Backpack – All The Instruments Fit Inside A Cool Backpack That Your Child Will Love To Use. Now They Can Bring Their Set Of Instruments, Including The Drum And Triangle And More, Along With Them On Car Rides Or Vacation. The Free Backpack Offers Convenient Storage. Get Your Kids Musical Toy Set Today – Just Click The Add To Cart Button. Your Purchase Will Be Backed By A Life-Time Warranty..
100% Safe -Not Only Are These Musical Instruments For Toddlers Fun But They Are Also Safe. They Are Non-Toxic, Child-Safe And Made From Wood And Other Safe Material. The High Quality Construction Features A Smooth, Safe Finish. You Can Count On These Instruments To Provide Hours, Weeks, Months, Years Of Musical Fun! Your Child Will Definitely Say Thank You For This Great Gift!.
Fun And Educational – Numerous Studies Have Shown That Playing Music Helps Children Develop Fine Motor Skills And Hand-Eye Coordination As Well As Higher Intelligence And Greater Emotional Understanding. Your Child Will Learn To Express Himself Or Herself Creatively As They Enjoy Hours And Hours Of Imaginative Play With These Fun, Exciting Toys..


ULTIMATE MUSIC TOY COLLECTION – This musical instrument set for children contains everything your little one needs to discover his or her inner musician. This toy set includes: 1 Harmonica, 1 Xylophone, 2 Maracas, 2 Egg Shakers, 2 Finger Clappers, Tambourine, Drum Sticks, Wood Sounder, 2 Wrist Bells and a Triangle with a Striker. These musical toys (19 pieces in all) will help boys and girls learn the sounds and tones different instruments make and will unleash their musical creativity!FUN AND EDUCATIONAL – Numerous studies have shown that playing music helps children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as higher intelligence and greater emotional understanding. Your child will learn to express himself or herself creatively as they enjoy hours and hours of imaginative play with these fun, exciting toys.FAMILY TIME Take the time your family spends together to the next level with these musical toys. Your child, no matter how many years old (this toy set is great for preschool kids and up), will love family band time as you all create wonderful music. At Stoie’s we are dedicated to creating high quality toys that improve family time and inspire family members. You ll be amazed at the smiles and laughs you create as you all play music together.100% SAFE -Not only are these musical instruments for toddlers fun but they are also safe. They are non-toxic, child-safe and made from wood and other safe material. The high quality construction features a smooth, safe finish. You can count on these instruments to provide hours, weeks, months, years of musical fun! Your child will definitely say thank you for this great gift!FREE STORAGE BACKPACK All the instruments fit inside a cool backpack that your child will love to use. Now they can bring their set of instruments, including the drum and triangle and more, along with them on car rides or vacation. The free backpack offers convenient storage. Get your kids musical toy set today just click the add to cart button. Your purchase will be backed by a life-time warranty.

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