Super Domino Blocks Set, 360 PCS Colorful Wooden Domino Blocks Racin

【Specification】Single Domino Size: 1.7*0.8*0.3Inch;Super Capacity Of 360 Pcs;No Less Than 12 Colors,Which Will Not Make Your Creation Boring..
【Warm Tips】Don’t Let Children Swallow Dominoes In Creation.Suitable For People Over 3 Years Old..
【Multi Function】No Less Than 12 Colors Of Domino Will Exercise Children’s Cognitive Ability Of Color,Cultivate Participants’ Creativity,Exercise Their Will, And Cultivate Team Spirit To A Large Extent..
【High-Quality Material】Domino Made Of High Quality Pine,The Surface Is Painted By Environmental-Friendly Water Paint,Finely Polished And No Burr Damage..


Domino Building Blocks Game It is known to all and one of the classic games,the whole family general mobilization gives your child a happy childhood! High-Quality Material Domino made of high quality pine,the surface is painted by environmental-friendly water paint,finely polished and no burr damage. Specification Single domino size: 1.7*0.8*0.3inch;super capacity of 360 pcs;no less than 12 colors,which will not make your creation boring. Multi Function No less than 12 colors of domino will exercise children’s cognitive ability of color,cultivate participants’ creativity,exercise their will, and cultivate team spirit to a large extent. Warm Tips Don’t let children swallow dominoes in creation.Suitable for people over 3 years old.

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