Super Mario: The best engrossing game for five-year-olds

Getting lost in the world of Aquabeads is so addictive that children as young as five will be engrossed for hours, while developing fine motor skills, concentration, and the ability to recognize patterns and create order.

Aquabeads allows children to build 3D models by assembling colored beads on a special transparent tray. Once the beads are all in place, comes the fun part: by spraying them with water using the small spray bottle provided, the beads become sticky and stick together.

Five year olds will need a little help with placement, and it will probably get a little messy – even if you try to prevent it, the beads will spill onto the floor. Drying time is required, which means patience is also needed.

It’s a very satisfying toy and also comes in a range of alternative themes to suit all children. We are big fans of the Mario set though.

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