Superhero Capes for Kids Superhero Double Side Capes and Mask Best S

【Encourage Imagination And Creativity】: Kids May Like To Play With Their Children. Using Our Popular Boy Superhero Capes, They Can Imagine Themselves As Superheroes And They Can Go To A Role-Playing Game With Friends..
【High-Quality Material】: The Material Of The Superhero Cape Is Made Of High-Quality Double-Sided Fabric. The Cape Feels Smooth And Feels Great On The Skin. The Bright Colors Will Not Fade. The Mask Is Made Of High-Quality Felt And Can Be Easily Adjusted To Be Tied To Any Size Head..
【Best Compatibility】: Suitable For Halloween, Christmas, Role Playing, Birthday Party, Kids Gifts, The Superhero Parties, Superhero Party, Superhero Gifts, Can Be Used With Any Superhero Party..
【Suitable For Children】: Capes Size, 27.5 Inches X 27.5 Inches, Suitable For Boys And Girls From 4 To 12 Years Old, With Velcro, Kids Can Easily Wear It..


NuGeriAZ Toys Features: The superhero capes features the latest two-sided design, including four cape, eight superhero patterns, and eight superhero masks. Suitable for children : capes size, 27.5 inches x 27.5 inches, suitable for boys and girls from 4 to 12 years old, with Velcro, kids can easily Wear it. Encourage imagination and creativity : Kids may like to play with their children. Using our popular boy superhero capes, they can imagine themselves as superheroes and they can go to a role-playing game with friends. Best compatibility : Suitable for Halloween, Christmas, role playing, Birthday party, Kids gifts, The Superhero parties, superhero Party, superhero gifts, Can be used with any superhero Party. High-quality material : The material of the superhero cape is made of high-quality double-sided fabric. The cape feels smooth and feels great on the skin. The bright colors will not fade. The mask is made of high-quality felt and can be easily adjusted to be tied to any size head.

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