Tayo Rogi Lani Shooting-Car Station – The Little Bus Tayo Friends To

Suitable For Children Ages 37 Months And Up..
Playing Toys Can Help Develop Sensory Skills And Encouage Kids To Use Their Imaginations. Also, They Can Create Their Own Personal And Unique Play Experiences. With Different Characters Of The Little Buses, Kids Can Role Play And Learn Friendship, Kindness, And Positive Behaviors While Playing With Friends..
Pressing The Button On The Garage Shoots The Bus Forward..
Character – Rogi Seems To Be Mischievous And Silly. He Enjoys Sleeping In And Is Less Mature Than Some Of The Other Buses, And He Is Also Being Detective. Lani Is A Sweet And Kind Lady, And Cannot Stand Arguments. She Is Also Timid And Enjoys Watching Her Favorite Television Programme. She Is The 2Nd Youngest Sibling Of The Little Buses..


Character – Tayo is playful and sometimes mischievous, and enjoys passing gas. He also enjoys playing games with his best friend Rogi, the green bus. He is less mature than the other buses but rarely gets into serious trouble. Rogi is best friend with Tayo and the two spend plenty of time together playing games and occasionally fighting.Character – Rogi seems to be mischievous and silly. He enjoys sleeping in and is less mature than some of the other buses, and he is also being detective. Lani is a sweet and kind lady, and cannot stand arguments. She is also timid and enjoys watching her favorite television programme. She is the 2nd youngest sibling of the little buses.Suitable for children ages 37 months and up.Pressing the button on the garage shoots the bus forward.Playing toys can help develop sensory skills and encouage kids to use their imaginations. Also, they can create their own personal and unique play experiences. With different characters of the Little Buses, kids can role play and learn friendship, kindness, and positive behaviors while playing with friends.

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