Teacher Rachel’s Educational Flash Cards for Toddlers – Set Of 5 184

What’S Included: The Asl Flash Cards Set Includes 105 Total Cards, Including A Resource Card And Double-Sided Sign Language Flash Cards Covering 122 Signs, Including Numbers 1-20, Alphabet Letters, Sight Words, People, Animals, And More..
Why Carson Dellosa: For More Than 40 Years, Carson Dellosa Has Provided Solutions For Parents And Teachers To Help Their Children Get Ahead And Exceed Learning Goals. Carson Dellosa Supports Your Child’S Educational Journey Every Step Of The Way..
Working Together: Each Toddler Flash Card Features A Colorful Signing Illustration On One Side And The Correlating Word On The Other So You Can Practice Alongside Your Child. The Rsource Card Shows A List Of All The Signs And Words In The Set..
Essential Communication Skills: Asl Flash Cards Are A Great Way For Preschool And Kindergarten Students To Learn Basic Signing Communication Skills Through Fun Educational Games. Each Flash Card Features Rounded Corners For Easy Sorting And Flipping..


ASL Sign Language Flash Cards for Kids Ages 4+: Teach or reinforce American sign language skills to preschoolers, kindergarteners, and beyond with Carson Dellosa s American Sign Language Flash Cards!Essential Communication Skills: ASL flash cards are a great way for preschool and kindergarten students to learn basic signing communication skills through fun educational games. Each flash card features rounded corners for easy sorting and flipping.What s Included: The asl flash cards set includes 105 total cards, including a resource card and double-sided sign language flash cards covering 122 signs, including numbers 1-20, alphabet letters, sight words, people, animals, and more.Working Together: Each toddler flash card features a colorful signing illustration on one side and the correlating word on the other so you can practice alongside your child. The rsource card shows a list of all the signs and words in the set.Why Carson Dellosa: For more than 40 years, Carson Dellosa has provided solutions for parents and teachers to help their children get ahead and exceed learning goals. Carson Dellosa supports your child s educational journey every step of the way.

Letter Matching Clip Cards – No Time For Flash Cards

· Grab a handful of matching cards, some with the easy letters ( c, k, o, p, s, v, w, x) and others that are letters in that child’s name. Students are much more likely to recognize these letters, even if they don’t know them all or the letter name.

Everyday Preschool Activity Book – No Time For Flash Cards

· Everyday Preschool for parents who never planned on homeschooling but school closures and mandated quarantines changed that. The over 170 preschool activities in this book are easy to do but pack big educational punches. They use everyday materials because it was written for parents, not teachers who have supply closets full of materials.

The Mitten Rhyming Activity – No Time For Flash Cards

· Yes, bowl! If you have a bowl on your mitten, please come up and pop it on the board. The children who do will get up and place their mitten on the board while repeating the rhyme, mole/bowl. Repeat. The Mitten Small Group Rhyming Activity. In a small group, I would use a cookie sheet and give each child a full set of mittens. Have one of …

Printable Rhyming Game – No Time For Flash Cards

· This is a great way to reuse this printable rhyming game. It’s just a little different, and after the children have used it with the pictures a few times, they may be ready for the challenge of thinking up their own rhymes. Roll, advance that many spaces, and now you have to rhyme with the picture. Fan…ran! Always accept made-up words for …

Pdf Free Printable Alphabet Letters Flash Cards Printable …

· Alphabet Flash Cards Mr Printables from images.mrprintables.com This is a fabulous printable alphabet flashcard set that has an uppercase, lowercase, picture, and word on each flash card. Before a child can learn basic words, letters of the alphabet.


This is a difficult task with 4- and 5-year-olds, but pictures or flash cards can be kept in class so that the children get used to them and remember the vocabulary. We can make the drawings or have 4 flashcards in which two of them the main action is with the verb wash and another two in which the verb or action is brush.

Preschool Winter Books – No Time For Flash Cards

· Toddlers love the bold illustrations, and I liked the points about penguins that sparked a desire to learn more about the animal. One of my favorite things about non-fiction books like this is that they look like stories, and they plant seeds of interest that can be launched into more in-depth inquiry. Great book for preschool through Kindergarten.

66 Fantastic Teacher Comments for Progress Reports …

· Teacher Comments for Classroom Behavior. 9–Shows good manners and kindness to others in the classroom. 10–Accepts redirection appropriately. 11–Follows most classroom rules. 12–They remain focused and on-task, minimally distracted. 13–Regularly participates in and contributes to class discussions.

18 Games for Teaching Emotions and … – Education to the Core

· Look no further! Check out Education to the Core’s year-long K-2 SEL resource! Each pillar and sub-pillar comes with several games, activities and so much more! 13 ~ Balloon Volleyball. Here is another effortless game on this list that does not require a whole lot of set up! All you need is to blow up a balloon.

How To Teach Fire Safety for Kids – Little Learning Corner

Use these tips about fire safety for kids, and get your kiddos prepared…not scared. Here’s an overview of the fire safety tips you can teach young children. Introduce basic fire safety vocabulary. Check smoke detectors. Draw a fire escape plan together. Practice fire drills a few times a year. Watch fire safety videos.

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