The Little Bus Tayo SpecialFriends Set Series (Mini Bus Set 6pcs)

Educational Effects And Portability: Their Size To Fit Like A Glove To Children’s Hands And Portable Anywhere. And, It Grows Children’s Communication Skills,Verbal Interaction, And Imagination By Playing Role Play. Also,Playing Toys Can Help Develop Sensory Skills And They Can Create Their Own Personal And Unique Play Experiences. In Addition, It Builds Up Kid’s Fine Motor Skills By Controlling Their Powers, Too..
They Can Learn About Vehicles,The Means Of Transportation And Transport System Including Jobs..
Caution) After Playing, It Should Be Kept Out Of Reach Of Small Children Whose Age Is Under The Age On The Package. It Contains Small Parts. Therefore, Don’t Let Kids Put Them Into Their Mouths. Also, Don’t Place Them Closely Near The Fire. And, Explain To Them How To Play And Let Them Play Under The Guardian’s Control..
Characters ‘Pat’,’Frank’ And ‘Nuri’: Pat Is A Meticulous Patrol Car That Patrols The Downtown With Rookie. He Put A Lid On The Offenses Strictly In The City As An Professional Assistant Of Rookie.Frank Is A Fire Truck. Also, He Is Alice’s Boyfriend And His Job Is To Being Called To The Scene. And,Nuri Is A Calm And Detail-Oriented Taxi Who First Met Tayo At The Driving Test Course. Then, They Passed The Exam At The Same Time..


Characters ‘Citu’,’Toto’ and ‘Alice’: Citu is a responsible double-decker bus. His shape and name were derived from the Seoul city tour bus. He is like a father of the little buses and he take care of them. Toto is a naive Tow truck. Whenever and wherever other cars are broken, he is dispatched to the scene and get them to a car mechanic. And, Alice who helps wounded people is a detailed and kind ambulance. Also, her work is to dispatch to the scene.Characters ‘Pat’,’Frank’ and ‘Nuri’: Pat is a meticulous patrol car that patrols the downtown with rookie. He put a lid on the offenses strictly in the city as an professional assistant of Rookie.Frank is a fire truck. Also, he is Alice’s boyfriend and his job is to being called to the scene. And,Nuri is a calm and detail-oriented taxi who first met Tayo at the driving test course. Then, they passed the exam at the same time.Educational effects and portability: Their size to fit like a glove to children’s hands and portable anywhere. And, it grows children’s communication skills,verbal interaction, and imagination by playing role play. Also,playing toys can help develop sensory skills and they can create their own personal and unique play experiences. In addition, it builds up kid’s fine motor skills by controlling their powers, too.Caution) After playing, it should be kept out of reach of small children whose age is under the age on the package. It contains small parts. Therefore, don’t let kids put them into their mouths. Also, don’t place them closely near the fire. And, explain to them how to play and let them play under the guardian’s control.They can learn about vehicles,the means of transportation and transport system including jobs.

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