ThinkFun Laser Maze Toys Games

This game requires players to direct a laser across a game board, hitting a number of targets. Double-sized maze cards clearly explain the instructions, with a challenge written on one side and the difficulty level on the opposite side. An easy-to-follow instruction guide takes no more than five minutes.

We appreciate the fact that this game has won numerous awards that speak to its design and strategy, including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, the Good Housekeeping Best Toys Award and the NAPPA National Parenting Publications Awards. These awards are given to one game out of hundreds based on child development and education criteria. It’s a change of pace from the typical action figure. That makes it a winner in our book. If your child prefers to play with trucks,

  • More than 50 challenges
  • Varied difficulty levels
  • Well written instructions & sturdy pieces
  • Best for ages 8 and over
  • Pieces may pop out if not placed properly

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