TickiT Silishapes Sensory Circles – in Home Learning Toy for Calming

Fun At Home Or In The Classroom — Use These Textured Circles For Toddlers And Kids As A Fun Way To Break Up Lessons And Refocus Children. Using Their Feet, They Can Match The Large Circle With Its Smaller Counterpart In Their Hands..
Practical Pre-School Gold Award Winner..
Made To Last — These Strong, Non-Slip Silicone Circles Can Be Easily Cleaned With Soap And Water Or They Can Be Placed In The Dishwasher. They Are Heat And Uv Which Makes Them Durable And Very Easy To Care For..
Versatility — Use The Sensory Circles For Marking Off Spots In The Classroom, As Seat Tops Or Step Pads For An Interactive Game Or Give To Students To Develop Their Own Unique Uses For These Durable Silicone Circles..
Great For Physical And Occupational Therapists — By Strategically Placing These Tactile Discs On The Floor, They Help Children With Preconception, Balance, Coordination, Orientation, Posture And Exploring Their Sense Of Touch..
Great For Language Development And Communication — Kids Love To Describe The Circles And Point Out Their Differences. These Sensory Discs Are An Effective Tool To Add To Any Multi-Sensory Environment..


A CALMING SENSORY TOY FOR FOCUS — Help your child learn to concentrate by stimulating their senses with these 10 sensory discs of 5 different textures in 2 sizes.GREAT FOR LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT AND COMMUNICATION — Kids love to describe the circles and point out their differences. These sensory discs are an effective tool to add to any multi-sensory environment.FUN AT HOME OR IN THE CLASSROOM — Use these textured circles for toddlers and kids as a fun way to break up lessons and refocus children. Using their feet, they can match the large circle with its smaller counterpart in their hands.GREAT FOR PHYSICAL AND OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS — By strategically placing these tactile discs on the floor, they help children with preconception, balance, coordination, orientation, posture and exploring their sense of touch.MADE TO LAST — These strong, non-slip silicone circles can be easily cleaned with soap and water or they can be placed in the dishwasher. They are heat and UV which makes them durable and very easy to care for.VERSATILITY — Use the sensory circles for marking off spots in the classroom, as seat tops or step pads for an interactive game or give to students to develop their own unique uses for these durable silicone circles.Practical Pre-School Gold Award Winner.

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· This “struggle” has led me to collect our favorite “calming” or “quiet time” activities. These are great for when you want your kids to wind down before bed, or if they need a break after being hyped up, or if you need them to be quiet as a baby is sleeping nearby. Creative Learning Fun made Sensory Balloons.

Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep: Collection of Calming Activities …

· Especially for high energy emotions like anger and fear, physical sensations help manage emotions appropriately. Here’s a list of activities kids can do to redirect all that energy in safe, healthy ways: Go run around. Punch a pillow. Pull up/push up contest. Squeeze a stress ball or some playdoh. Use a sensory toy.

9 Emotional Regulation Activities for Kids That Work

· The impact of color in marketing is powerful, and specific colors can create different effects. For example, color can increase a shopper’s willingness to read packaging by 80%. Merchandisers can also use color psychology to elicit the emotions needed to trigger buying decisions and influence consumer behavior.

Home learning Plan – Year 1 Spring 1 – Week 2

· I have attached here two Calm Down Charts (one in English and one in Spanish). Literacy Level: 3+. Goal/Objectives: Build coping skills, Reduce severity/duration of symptoms, Increase frustration tolerance. Materials Needed: You can follow the charts and draw your own or print out the ones below! How To: Explain how sometimes we all have big …

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· Here is a fun one using Toy Story characters that is always a hit! Literacy Level: 4+. Goals/Objectives: Build emotional literacy, learning to wait their turn, identifying physiological facial cues for emotions. Materials Needed: Download provided below, if using telehealth need a system that allows screen sharing.

Calm Down Charts (Spanish & English) – Helpful Healer

· The suspension of thought allows an intelligence beyond thought to act and create a new form. The swirling of opposites creates the conditions for a new point of view to bubble freely from your mind. Bohr’s ability to imagine light as both a particle and a wave led to his conception of the principle of complementarity.

Toy Story Feelings Game (Spanish & English) – Helpful Healer

· On an average, if you learn how to create a solar panel this quirk, you spend about $215 upon it. However you can always make a larger or smaller panel when exchange outputs, based upon your budget and requirements. These ably-made panels are a one era investment in providing you behind all the facility you require for many years.


· Please note that you can read Riley’s emotions (a circle pulsates next to the character’s name, which means you need to hold down the desired button) – she is afraid to leave for school. Also from the conversation we learn about her boyfriend – Mac. Chapter 1. What gift to choose Gabe. Exit the store. The brother will go to Charlotte and ask …

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Life Is Strange: True Colors Walkthrough – All Important …

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