TOP BRIGHT Colored Wooden Blocks Stacking Board Games for Kids Ages

New Twist On A Classic Stacking Game: Build The Tower, Throw The Colorful Animal Dice. Did You Get A Lion? A Mouse Or A Frog? The Animal On The Dice Tells You Which Block To Remove. Place The Blocks On Top Until The Tower Collapses. The Games For Kids Ages 4-8 Have Six Different Animals And Colors To Play With.
51 Pcs Wood Stacking Blocks: The Stacking Games For Kids Ages 4-8 Include 51 Colorful Animal Blocks, 24 Cartoon Cards, 1 Dice And Instructions. Single Piece: 2.95 X 0.59 X 0.98 Inches.
Laugh And Learn: Our Stacking Blocks With Bright, Vibrant Colors And Cute Cartoon Animal Faces Are Loads Of Fun For Young Children. It’s Simple And Easy Games For Kids Ages 4-8 To Play, Promotes The Use Of Hand Eye Coordination And Fine Motor Control.
Safe For Children: Our Colorful Block Games For Kids Ages 4-8 Are Made With Natural Hardwood And Non-Toxic Water-Based Paint Which Makes It Safe For You And Your Child To Play With. Astm Approved And Ce Tested. Warning: Not Suitable For Children Under Three (3) Years Old.


CARD IMAGE DRIVE INNOVATION THINKING: The stacking board games for kids ages 4-8 design the special imaged card to stimulate children s thinkingSAFE FOR CHILDREN: Our colorful block games for kids ages 4-8 are made with natural hardwood and non-toxic water-based paint which makes it safe for you and your child to play with. ASTM approved and CE tested. WARNING: Not suitable for children under three (3) years oldNEW TWIST ON A CLASSIC STACKING GAME: Build the tower, throw the colorful animal dice. Did you get a lion? A mouse or a frog? The animal on the dice tells you which block to remove. Place the blocks on top until the tower collapses. The games for kids ages 4-8 have six different animals and colors to play withLAUGH AND LEARN: Our stacking blocks with bright, vibrant colors and cute cartoon animal faces are loads of fun for young children. It’s simple and easy games for kids ages 4-8 to play, promotes the use of hand eye coordination and fine motor control51 PCS WOOD STACKING BLOCKS: The stacking games for kids ages 4-8 include 51 colorful animal blocks, 24 cartoon cards, 1 dice and instructions. Single piece: 2.95 x 0.59 x 0.98 inches

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