TT TUMMYTIMEZ XL Tummy Time Baby Water Mat Premium Developmental Toy

Play Safely – As Parents, We Know The Safety Of Your Kids And The Quality Of Their Toys Is Your Top Priority. Tt Tummytimez Baby Water Mat Promises Uncompromised Safety Standards– Made Of Durable Top Quality Pvc (0.3 Mm Thick), Cpc Certified, Astm Approved, Lead Free And Phthalates Free..
Proud American Company – We Promise Top Standards Of Service. If For Any Reason You Are Not Satisfied With Your Purchase, Then Please Reach Out To Our Customer Care And We’Ll Be Happy To Make Things Right!.
Easy To Use – Simply Inflate The Outer Ring With Air And Fill The Central Part With Your Desired Level Of Warm Tap Water. Your Tummytimez Mat Can Fold Easily Into Any Bag (When Empty) And Can Be Used Indoors Or Out In The Shade When Placed On A Safe & Flat Surface..
Grow Through Play – Doctors Agree That Tummy Time Activity Is Crucial To Your Baby’S Motor And Sensory Development, As It Builds Foundations For Rolling, Crawling, Sitting And Walking. The Vibrant Underwater Scenery, Carefully Designed For Infant Vision, Will Fascinate Your Baby And Promote Longer Attention Spans For Tummy Time..


BOOST BABY DEVELOPMENT – TT TUMMYTIMEZ water filled activity mat is the perfect Grow-Through-Play toy for babies and toddlers; it s eye catching, very engaging and much larger than alternatives ( 40×40 inches / 100×100 cm)! For your baby it s just an exciting way to explore and play; For you it s an effective way to achieve longer tummy time exercise and boost motor and sensory development!GROW THROUGH PLAY – Doctors agree that tummy time activity is crucial to your baby s motor and sensory development, as it builds foundations for rolling, crawling, sitting and walking. The vibrant underwater scenery, carefully designed for infant vision, will fascinate your baby and promote longer attention spans for Tummy Time.PLAY SAFELY – As parents, we know the safety of your kids and the quality of their toys is your top priority. TT TUMMYTIMEZ baby water mat promises uncompromised safety standards made of durable top quality PVC (0.3 mm thick), CPC Certified, ASTM Approved, Lead Free and Phthalates Free.EASY TO USE – Simply inflate the outer ring with air and fill the central part with your desired level of warm tap water. Your TUMMYTIMEZ mat can fold easily into any bag (when empty) and can be used indoors or out in the shade when placed on a safe & flat surface.PROUD AMERICAN COMPANY – We promise top standards of service. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, then please reach out to our customer care and we ll be happy to make things right!

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