VTech Baby On-The-Moove Activity Bar

The Bird Holds A Textured Ring That’s Easy To Grab To Build Motor Skills; Ladybug’s Baby-Safe Mirror Helps To Build Self-Awareness With Peek-A-Boo Fun.
Requires 2 Aaa Batteries (Batteries Included For Demo Purposes Only; New Batteries Recommended For Regular Use); Intended For Babies From Birth To 3 Years.
Take-Along Toy Easily Attaches To Most Infant Carriers Using The Included Adjustable Elastic Straps.
Swing The Cow Back And Forth To Activate The Motion Sensor And Hear Interesting Sounds.


Press the cow’s button on the On-the-Moove Activity Bar to hear cheerful phrases and playful songs and melodies; 45+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrasesSwing the cow back and forth to activate the motion sensor and hear interesting soundsThe bird holds a textured ring that’s easy to grab to build motor skills; ladybug’s baby-safe mirror helps to build self-awareness with peek-a-boo funTake-along toy easily attaches to most infant carriers using the included adjustable elastic strapsRequires 2 AAA batteries (batteries included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use); intended for babies from birth to 3 years

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· Photo: Tammy Bar-Shay. The startup says its technology, called Ubar (fetus in Hebrew), outperformed a panel of embryologists in predicting which embryos will result in pregnancy by about 20 percent, according to the company. The Israeli AI startup also outperformed human experts by nearly 30 percent in recommending which embryos not to use.

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· The Quick-Sands of Time. Hard to believe 2021 has drawn to a close, isn’t it? Around this time every year, I reflect and can’t figure out how the new year’s baby grew into an old man beyond my notice. When I was younger, the year used to roll by like an antique, rickety wagon being pulled by an arthritic horse, but as I’ve grown older …

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· Here are 3 features to look for when purchasing baby winter wear online: The capability of Moving Around. While searching online, check how comfortable your infant will be. They love to be warm, yet they’re also balls of energy that love to move around. Are they able to move their arms in their car seat when wearing the coat?

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· I was blessed with TWINs in 2003 and my life took a U-turn. My wife and I were suddenly busy every second of our day. Joy and stress both became part of our daily schedule. Though we had become mentally stronger in raising them, but sleepless nights and daily plethora of activities took toll on our health.

Super Memory – ESL for one and all

· photo. She wrote that when she was a newborn baby, she was curious about the seat cover and steering wheel above her in the car. At that time though, she didn’t want to get up and play with these objects. Sharrock wrote about how she used to look at her toys in her crib and the fan next to it; the uncomfortable dress that her parents made her …

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· As you move up towards the crotch, the leg gets wider, so you have to roll the fabric more to lay the inner seam flat. 9. At the crotch, check that the side seam is still lined up well with the traced line (top blue arrow), then roll the fabric down carefully until the point of the crotch (bottom blue arrow) is flat on the paper.


· Guys and Dolls. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and all that. It’s also the season for silly stories, of which, it must be said, there are always plenty when Russia is the topic. For instance, 50 days or so on from start of the Great Ukrainian Invasion of 2021, the Russian army has yet to storm across its western border and race towards …

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· Chapter Fourteen. 31st Mar 2021 PurpleThistles. I tell you guys, it seems to have taken AGES to get to the point of Evander aging up to young adult and freeing up space in the house for baby number TWELVE. I have sooo many screenshots, its unreal. In the last chapter we saw the Splice family moving to Mt Komorebi.

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· The english alphabet has 26 letters from a to z. Attach this sign to the result. The cutting will split the text into uniform blocks of size 3: To affect as if by breaking up or tearing apart : Split with symbols or regex. Plus divided by minus is minus. To divide into parts or portions: Shatter a roar that split the air.

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