Westcott Soft Handle Kids Scissors with Anti-microbial Protection, A

School Scissors: Equipped With Molded, Asymmetrical, Soft-Grip Handles, Our Scissors Allow For Either Left- Or Right-Handed Use; Scissors Size: 5-Inches And Blade Size: 2-Inches.
Multipurpose Scissors: Our Scissors Easily Cut Through Paper, String, And Other Materials, Making Them Ideal For Crafting And Classroom Tasks.
Durable Stainless Steel Safety-Ground Blades With Pointed Tips; Handles Contain An Antimicrobial Agent To Help Inhibit The Growth Of Bacterial Stains And Odors.


These scissors come in a combination of cool colors that kids love: yellow and pink, and green and blueDurable stainless steel safety-ground blades with pointed tips; Handles contain an antimicrobial agent to help inhibit the growth of bacterial stains and odorsSchool Scissors: Equipped with molded, asymmetrical, soft-grip handles, our scissors allow for either left- or right-handed use; Scissors size: 5-inches and Blade size: 2-inchesMultipurpose Scissors: Our scissors easily cut through paper, string, and other materials, making them ideal for crafting and classroom tasks

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