Wonder Wheels by Battat Recycling Truck Toy Garbage Truck 3 Co

Indoors & Outdoors: Play In The Comfort Of Your Home Or Drive Around In The Backyard Or In The Park..
Planet-Friendly: This Truck Is Made From Recyclable Plastic, And The Packaging Is 100% Recyclable Too!.
Developmental Toy: Playing With This Garbage Truck Can Develop Your Toddler’S Fine Motor Skills And Hand-Eye Coordination..
Moveable Parts: Pop Open The Truck’S Container At The Back And Tilt It To Dump Out The Contents!.


Recycling Truck: Recycle your way to a greener tomorrow! This sturdy truck comes with 3 compartments one for paper, one for cans, and one for garbage.Moveable Parts: Pop open the truck s container at the back and tilt it to dump out the contents!Indoors & Outdoors: Play in the comfort of your home or drive around in the backyard or in the park.Developmental Toy: Playing with this garbage truck can develop your toddler s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.Planet-Friendly: This truck is made from recyclable plastic, and the packaging is 100% recyclable too!

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