Wrapables Mommy and Me Boho Headband Headwrap, Red White and Blue

Stretchable, Soft, And Fits Comfortably For Both Baby And Mommy..
Material: Fabric, Wire..
Dimensions: Tie Headband: Child 25.5L X 2.25W Inches, Adult 31L X 3W Inches; Knot Headband: Child 7D X 2.25W Inches, Adult 7.5D X 2.25W Inches; Rabbit Ears Headband: Child 7.5D X 3W Inches, Adult 9D X 3W Inches, 10.5L X 1.75W Inches (Bow)..
Use Them For Photoshoots, Dressing Up, Parties, Or Any Special Event You Have In Mind..


Comes with four different designs with matching headbands for baby and mommy.Use them for photoshoots, dressing up, parties, or any special event you have in mind.Stretchable, soft, and fits comfortably for both baby and mommy.Dimensions: Tie Headband: Child 25.5L x 2.25W inches, Adult 31L x 3W inches; Knot Headband: Child 7D x 2.25W inches, Adult 7.5D x 2.25W inches; Rabbit Ears Headband: Child 7.5D x 3W inches, Adult 9D x 3W inches, 10.5L x 1.75W inches (bow).Material: Fabric, Wire.

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