Zcaukya Kids Stethoscope, Real Working Nursing Stethoscope for Kids

Listen To Heartbeat: With Zcaukya Stethoscope, You Can Really Hear Heartbeat. It Can Be Widely Used As A Toy And Also Can Be Used As An Auxiliary Teaching Tool In Kindergartens To Help Kids Feel The Beat Of Life..
Attention Please: As The Stethoscope Can Amplify Sound, Please Take Care While Wearing It, Especially Do Not Knock It To Anywhere That May Make Noise To Avoid Hearing Damage! And Children Are Supposed To Use It Accompanied By Their Parents..
Good Role Play Accessory: Zcaukya Kid Stethoscope Is Good For School Show, Play Performance Activities, Cosplay Or For A Themed Party. The Stethoscope Makes You Feel More Like A Doctor Or A Nurse..
Lessen Fear: Kids Are Usually Afraid Of Going To The Doctor Or Decline To Be Examined. Parents And Kids Can Play Doctor Game With Zcaukya Role Play Stethoscope Before Going To Hospital To Reduce Kids’ Fears And Make The Doctor’S Visit Go Well..


Play Doctor Game: Children can play doctor game with their friends, listen to heartbeat mutually, or examine teddy bear with Zcaukya stethoscope. Playing doctor game helps child to set up a dream of being a doctor.Lessen Fear: Kids are usually afraid of going to the doctor or decline to be examined. Parents and kids can play doctor game with Zcaukya role play stethoscope before going to hospital to reduce kids fears and make the doctor s visit go well.Listen To Heartbeat: With Zcaukya stethoscope, you can really hear heartbeat. It can be widely used as a toy and also can be used as an auxiliary teaching tool in kindergartens to help kids feel the beat of life.Good Role Play Accessory: Zcaukya kid stethoscope is good for school show, play performance activities, cosplay or for a themed party. The stethoscope makes you feel more like a doctor or a nurse.ATTENTION PLEASE: As the stethoscope can amplify sound, please take care while wearing it, especially do not knock it to anywhere that may make noise to AVOID HEARING DAMAGE! And children are supposed to use it accompanied by their parents.

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