ZITA ELEMENT Lot 101 Items 11.5 Inch Girl Doll Closet Wardrobe with

All The Items Are Made In Safe And Non-Toxic Materials, Ensure The Health Of Children. The Portable Doll Closet Has Style Inside Which Decorated With Lots Of Glam Accents And There Are 6 Lattices For You To Put Different Accessories. Real Working Drawers And Cabinets Store Accessories.
We Concerned Your Purchase Experience And Dedicated To Your Complete Satisfaction.If You Have Any Question And Advice, Please Click Your Order Page Or Go To The Zita Elemennt Store Homepage, Click “Ask A Question” To Contact Us..
Give These Perfect 11.5 Inch Girl Doll Clothes And Accessories For Children‘S Children’s Day, Birthday, Christmas And Fun Party. Little Girl’s Most Wished Gift..
A Fashion Rose Red Closet / Wardrobe With A Variety Of Different Cothes, Shoes, Hangers, Ect. These Doll Accessories Are Well Fits 11.5 Inch Girl Doll And Will Make Novelty For Kids, They Can Dress Up Their Doll According To Their Preferences, That Can Enrich Their Imagination..


Super value pack includes: 1 wardrobe, 1 trunk, 2 casual clothes, 2 Swimsuits, 2 long party dress gowns, 3 mini dresses, 10 necklaces, 10 shoes, 10 bags, 10 hangers and 50 accessories. (Note: doll is not included. Fixed style closet, travel case and hangers, random clothes and other accessories.)A fashion rose red closet / wardrobe with a variety of different cothes, shoes, hangers, ect. These doll accessories are well fits 11.5 inch girl doll and will make novelty for kids, they can dress up their doll according to their preferences, that can enrich their imagination.All the items are made in safe and non-toxic materials, ensure the health of children. The portable doll closet has style inside which decorated with lots of glam accents and there are 6 lattices for you to put different accessories. Real working drawers and cabinets store accessoriesGive these perfect 11.5 inch girl doll clothes and accessories for children s Children’s Day, Birthday, Christmas and fun party. Little girl’s most wished gift.We concerned your purchase experience and dedicated to your complete satisfaction.If you have any question and advice, please click your order page or go to the ZITA ELEMENNT store homepage, click ask a question to contact us.

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